06 January, 2013

Mixed Media

Charcoal, Water Color, Pastel, on paper.
 (More information and more photos from this series to be added later)
This drawing is a combination of watercolor, charcoal, and pastels    I am waiting for the arrival of my new roll of canvas so that I can start a new oil painting.   I thought I would explore an unrestricted use of texture and technique.  I am feeling a new and  liberated creative energy. 

Charcoal, Water Color, Pastel, on paper.
Someone brought to my attention once that my work always moves from Left to Right.   For this drawing, I did the work vertically, so when it is rotated to horizontal, it would move Right to Left.  I tried working Right to Left  in my last painting, but I was continually rotating it to get the right "Feel".  I was never able to get comfortable with the "flow".  I finished the painting knowing that the result reflected the confusion, impatience, and unrest I feel in my personal life. 
In these two drawings, I had the confidence to work with the grid again.   In the drawing above I gave more attention to the grid in "taking away" color instead of adding color.   Although you can't see it very well in this image,  this effect is predominately used in the upper right "sky" area of the drawing.   

I'm not sure I will bring the grid back into my next painting.  I received my new roll of canvas so I am able to begin work immediately.  I have visions of painting something more calm and serene, similar to my previous painting in the post  "VilleFranche" (which included the grid in it's composition) and "Calm Lake"

Maybe the grid appears as an attempt to cover up what I think is unsuccessful?  or only to add interest where I see unresolved ideas?  While I am working with the grid, I feel as if I am covering the composition with a translucent fabric.  Or sometimes it feels like I am creating the appearance that everything is under water.