07 April, 2013

Blues by the Sea

Pastel on paper- 8 x 11
These are pastel drawings that I did in Nice France,  December 2011.    When I arrived in Nice during this voyage, I had discovered that my studio/gallery 6 Place Vieille had been closed for me to use.  I was not going to be able to have the long awaited retreat spending 7-10 days relaxing and painting, and being an artist in Vieux-Nice.  

Desperately needing a creative outlet for myself, I went to an art store and purchased a small sketch book, pastels, and a few brushes.  I had an idea that inspired me to try a different technique that I had not used before.    I was able to use the brushes with the pastels to get the same feeling as if I was painting.   It was not the same, but it was something new... and I was completely mobile to "paint" in any location without a lot of equipment to carry with me.   

I "painted" these "au bord le mer", on the beach by the sea.   It was very peaceful and healing despite the disappointments of when I had arrived.   A few days later, I was offered the use of the gallery for me to use to oil paint, but the magic had already departed from the dream of the gallery.   I was content with the new rhythm I had found, and I wanted to stay the rest of my voyage in my quiet comfort, leaving the drama from the past behind me. 

One of my friends commented to me that these drawings had the character of stormy seas.  I think she was right.  While I did the work, I was calm and relaxed and did not see it. But some of the stormy waters that I tried to hide were there on the paper revealing themselves to me.   As the Spring approaches for 2013, I see that this period in my life was truly the end of a Winter and the beginning of a new Spring.