03 December, 2017

Something New Finished

Oil on canvas 32 x 40

This is the finished painting of Facing my Fears.  I still have this new creative focus in life and art to challenge my fears and not put them behind me, but make them a part of me to help me move forward.  Defining my fears has been difficult, since through the years I have covered them with new ways of thinking to get around them.  I thought I was facing my fears then, but really I was only changing the routes to go around them.  
I see myself at a transition point in my life, and feeling stagnate.  Although I am passionate about new/old  ideas that I want to pursue, I have been procrastinating to take the steps that I need to make these ideas move forward.   I believe spiritually, psychologically, and physically, that challenging the fears in my life, and moving past them will give me the new energy that I need to progress.  The energy field that surrounds me will be able to open up and allow new nuances to enter and influence my direction.  If I want to keep moving forward in life, I need to cross over the fence,  or jump to the other side of the creek bed, and not be afraid of what's on the other side.  

(I watched a program on Leonardo da Vinci.. it has inspired me to try a portrait painting. :)     

11 November, 2017

Going Back

Acrylic on Canvas- 25"x 32"
tableau de Yannis

I call this painting tableau de Yannis.   While I was in Nice 2010, I asked Yannis for his advice several times for the direction I should take with this painting. 

I met with Yannis and Paulin again in September. It has been the first time to see them in five years.   It was good to see the gallery again.  It was time to go back, no regrets.   They have shared with me a significant part of my life that will not be forgotten, and for their friendship, I am grateful. 

There was always laughter between the three of us.  We were the three artists.  The best moments were spent filling my sketch book with characters and scenes while drinking vin chaude or beer in the afternoon.  We spent hours in bars sitting at a table, telling our stories conveyed in small caricature drawings.  There was once a day we spent a few too many hours at one of our favorite bars.  Our laughter and behavior started to become a little too disruptive, and eventually we were asked to leave.  There was much joy between the three of us. 

les trois amigos
 It felt good to be back again, like a second home, seeing them, and knowing that there could still be a small part of me in them as well. 

16 July, 2017

Something New

Something new, but back to something old also.    This is a painting for a concept to look at my fears.  As a result, it has influenced a lot of decisions in my daily life, and evaluating my anxieties and fears to determine their validity.   Instead of holding back, doing it anyway without "fear" of the impression that I may give out or of the consequences.  

I've spent the day in my studio today listening to Beethoven, evaluating my next step with this painting,  intending to take my brush into hand.  But today and lately, I have been too distracted.   I am overwhelmed by my thoughts and planning for my next trip to France,   Villefranche-sur-mer. It's been a long time since I have made this journey, and I hope to be able to make peace with the sea. 
Happy Day, May 2011 Villefranche sur mer

19 February, 2017


From this: 

PHASE  1:  Oil on Canvas 30x42

To this: 

PHASE 2-  Oil on Canvas 30x42

A progression from inspiration and motivation to a product of my thoughts and emotions and aspirations.   I am still not sure where I am going with this phase.  I am still experimenting in painting with no  planning or design and using intuition.  My subconscious is revealing what it believes needs to happen, even when I consciously try not to be predictable. 

06 November, 2016


  Autumn Waterscape -Oil on Canvas 36" x 48"
I didn't want to paint another waterscape, but this came out so quickly and easily, I did not let it go.  I let it flow, and I am not disappointed.  The colors show my transition into less blue and more sepia tones.   

Feeling a little blue lately.   My birthday is arriving soon, and much reflection about my past, present, and future,  the unknown future. 

I just finished a new painting.  A painting with no forethought, planning, design, or reason, only intuition and desire.  It gave me a lot of new energy and inspiration to start another. Hopefully this new productive energy can carry me through the winter, and into a new season.   

06 August, 2016


Oil on Canvas- 36"x 48"

I finally finished my blank canvas in July.  My life has been transitioning with work, and I am feeling myself opening up for more travel again.   

Transitioning and acquainting myself with my past, and finding its bearings on my current path of Life Journey. Transitioning away from the daily routines that do not provide me growth, and cause me to question my place in the broader scheme of life.   Living and searching for more joys in life, and cutting out the persons and activities that feel like there is a weight wrapped around my ankles. 

Maybe I'm just tapping my heals wishing "There's no place like home, There's no place like home."

15 April, 2016

My Blank Canvas

Charcoal on Canvas- 36"x 48"

 My new canvas hanging on the wall in my studio, unfinished. Five months it has been waiting.  Everyday I look at it ,and study it, and I see all the colors and brush strokes. All the steps that I need to take to make it complete.

As spring brings warmer days, I want this scene to come to life.