29 November, 2015

Day Dreams

Italian Water scape  Oil on Canvas- 36"x 48"
My work has been challenging in the real world, and as a result, I think my paintings seem to reflect some of the challenges that I am facing and the hope of some relief at the end of the year.  I started and finished this painting to help me work through a difficult time.  

My dreams of traveling are mixed with a feelings of entrapment, 
but I know that this phase of living will have an end. I'm already planning travels and filling my thoughts with day dreams along the Cote d'Azur with sunshine, blue sky, wine and the Sea.  

In subject and composition, I have started a new painting with this same theme, but it is laid out with a different point perspective.  I am anxious to see the future that the finished piece will reveal to me. 

16 August, 2015


Italian Water scape  Oil on Canvas- 22"x42"

A few weeks ago  a friend and I were talking about vacations. We discussed what the perfect vacation meant to each of us.   The perfect vacation to me is time away from my routine life, and painting...Spending a little time each day painting on a canvas or in other types of creative endeavors. 

I have traveled twice this summer to two separate inspiring locations... but since the logements were not my own, my creative time was limited by participating only as an observer.   I have a dream to find a space one day that I can make my own, and set up "shop".  Somewhere to escape for productive and frequent times away; regenerating my energy. 

A place where I can explore the landscapes around me and feel the energy of my neighbors and life on the street.  A place that I don't have to feel isolated, but a place where I can be productive and focused with mes oeuvres and still have an opportunity to step out and interact in the world around me.  This dream is very familiar to me because this dream was once a part of my life.  And now I seek this dream again. 

These words come to my mind "Seek and you will find", but I know also that "when you dream, you are already there." 

02 January, 2015

Painting Inspired

Oil on Canvas 32" x 40"
 I completed this painting after my trip to Italy.  I was a little hesitant to believe that this painting could be completed because the architect in me wanted to see a little more depth and realism for the architectural symbolism.  I was eager to start work on another idea, and I wanted to move forward.   I came to the conclusion that this painting represents a vision of a memory, like recalling a dream that is not so vivid after you awake.   I am working on another painting with the same theme and colors, and feel very inspired by the colors. 

I originally wanted this painting to be full of all my thoughts for Florence and of the architecture in Florence.  But from my perspective, it is apparent that I could not escape the beauty that I saw in Venice.  I am merging together all my thoughts and feelings into one painting, a dream and a memory.