11 May, 2013

Calm Lake

52"x64" Oil on Canvas

This is the oil painting version of a charcoal referenced as "Calm Lake Scene".    I am  working on a second version of this that appears to be more of a "Stormy" lake scene.   

This painting references a trip that I made to Northern Michigan, staying in a cottage on a small secluded lake late August 2012.  In some respects,  this lake was and is still a part of my home.   I made my first understanding with water and the peace that it gives me today at a very young age in this location.  

When I was young I would look out over the water of Lake Michigan and imagine the vastness and history of the storms, the waves, and the travelers who in perilous journeys crossed the icy deep lake waters .  Even though it is not visible to the eye,  I knew somewhere there was land on the other side.   

When looking out at the Sea, I feel the same feelings of the immensity of its water and the dangerous journeys that many explorers must have made.   They were seeking land and civilizations they could not see just on the other side of the horizon.