19 October, 2014

Going back to Italy

It has been too long since I have seen my blog and written in it.  Once this was a place for my personal therapy and for personal reflection, but then it became a place where I could only see what was missing in my life.  While feeling severely uninspired, this blog became a reminder of who I had been, and the parts of me that I felt were lost.   But finally, I was able to take a long awaited and much needed vacation for myself.  My dream for the last two years has been to return to Italy, Firenze. 

It was a much needed break from my professional work ; work that seemed to never want to stop.  I literally was about to collapse under all the stress of other peoples daily requests and problems for me to solve.  But  having 10 days away from the office has transformed my health and attitude. I only peeked at my work emails a couple times, and that was enough.  

I chose Florence and Venice for my travels.  I carefully laid out the course of my journey for these two destinations and the number of days spent in each.  I am spontaneous in my traveling that I don't plan too many visits to places that I "must see".  I always give myself the leisure of strolling the city to explore, and only 1 or 2 must see places.  After all, it is my vacation. I do not want the added stress of a day filled with sites and a time schedule too constrained.  That would be work.  I tell myself, I can return on another trip, and see what I missed on the last trip.

Venice was a last minute destination. I had never desired to travel to Venice but it was highly recommended.  I only had one night and one entire day to spend in Venice.  I would not hesitate to return.   I adored the tiny winding streets and the water canals.  Blue sky and sunshine graced me on this trip.    

My pilgrimage to Florence that I have been anticipating for the last two years, was more of a trip of reconciliation with the past than exploration.  I had traveled to Florence before, but there were many memories of confusion, sadness, and dismay that I have associated with this city. My heart knew it was a beautiful wonderful place to visit, but the past several years, I have not been able to enjoy looking back or seeing the old photos from my previous journey. 

But, this trip finally gave me new light and meaning for Florence. It became my place again.    I am very happy and content I was finally able to experience it's beauty.  I only wish that while I was there,  that I had more time to just sit and relax and soak up the atmosphere.  It was my mission to walk everywhere, wander the streets and reconnect with old places with new eyes. I will return. 


I have been painting again.  I am very pleased to know that my painters block has been lifted.  I see in my mind's eye a melange of orange and yellow patterns that represent the colors of Italy. I hope that I can continue to find balance between my work and personal life to pursue these new inspirations.