04 June, 2012

San Remo

This is the painting  "San Remo" inspired by my visit to San Remo Italy, Christmas 2010.   This is my first large scale canvas in oil approximately,  4'-0" x 5'-6".    After the painting was completed, I was anxious to carry it with me to  be able to display in the gallery.  The canvas could be rolled and would be easy to transport.   Unfortunately,  it never made it's debut in gallery, 6 Place Vieille.     

Boardwalk cafe

My first visit to San Remo was late September 2010.  During this visit,  there was a lot of uncertainty about my future visits to Nice and whether or not there would be a place for me to work in the Gallery, 6 Place Vieille.  There was also stress revolving around my lost painting.

But while I was there in September,  I had found in my short stay that amidst all my sadness, there was comfort and hope in the beauty and familiarity of the sea and it's landscape.  It was my first glimpse of a possible home.  So, in the next three months, I focused on returning and filling myself with this energy of hope and independence. This would be a much longer relaxing, spiritual quenching that I needed for the end of the year. I only returned to Nice briefly during this vacation to search for and recover the lost painting, "28 Vallombrose" described in the previous post.  

These are some of the sketches of the sea and the harbor that inspired me.   Here I had found new inner strength-  life from death (a new life that only can come from death). There was hope for advancement.  A perfect ending for the old year and transition into the new year to come.    I have not returned to San Remo since this trip in 2010.  


  1. Lovely of you to share so generously, Samantha. Beautiful story behind a beautiful piece of art. xo

  2. Thank you Chrisy! Thank you for reading. I'll be posting more soon, i still have a few more stories to tell to get caught up to present time. Check back if you get a chance.