28 June, 2012


This oil painting represents a beautiful day that I spent in the village of VilleFranche -sur-Mer early May 2011. It's size is approximately 4'-0" x    5'-3".   This day was the first time, after all the time that I had spent near the Mediterranean, that I finally swam in the Sea and soaked up the Riviera Sun.  So much poetry and inspiration about the sea came to me that afternoon. I put to paper the words and sketches.  As with San Remo,  I again found a new home.

These are sketches I made for the painting during my last few days in Nice.   I reflected on the Sea for all the beauty and the joy it can bring to our lives, but also how much sadness and tragedy that it is also able to bring to us.

The Sea has an ancient history of wars, lives lost,  tragedies,  and destruction by its water.  It  can show us its power and force, but also the sea can bring joy and contentment.  Its water can be inviting with its gently moving waves and its beautiful blue hues, or by watching the sunlight sparkling on the water. It has its familiar scents and sounds that give us life.  

The Sea deserves our respect for all the energy and strength it can take from us as well as all the energy and strength it can give back to us.  It is to be respected as a living being.

This is a picture of me experiencing the Joys of the Sea.  I was feeling joy, peace, and love of life.   The waves washed up around me giving to me its good life energy and taking away the past and future, and leaving me in the moment.  

Sunset, Villefranche-sur-Mer  decembre 2011

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