29 September, 2012

Green Blues

48"x80" Oil on Canvas
This is the most recent oil painting that I have completed.  I believe this painting is going to represent a bridge into a new collection of my work-  
a new direction of colors and texture.

This painting is a continuation of the previous oil painting that I posted, but a much larger size.  I wanted to work again with the palette knife, and use again some of elements and techniques from the painting "San Remo".   Even with the Sea and its inspirational waves very far away from me, there is still a strong water theme in my work.   Instead of representing water, I am representing waves of Life's Energy that flow through and around everyone.  

The churning waters of the green-blue hues are carrying me, and helping me to discover a new direction of living and believing each day.  My life is very stable, calm, reflective, and content, but my paintings continue to reflect the passions that are still always a part of me.  I am alive and growing-  an energy of evolution.

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