19 February, 2017


From this: 

PHASE  1:  Oil on Canvas 30x42

To this: 

PHASE 2-  Oil on Canvas 30x42

A progression from inspiration and motivation to a product of my thoughts and emotions and aspirations.   I am still not sure where I am going with this phase.  I am still experimenting in painting with no  planning or design and using intuition.  My subconscious is revealing what it believes needs to happen, even when I consciously try not to be predictable. 


  1. I fell that this painting you are feeling much the same as Autumn Waterscape. My vision of your next step; I hope you did complete this, is a "V" shapes area at the bottom of beach grass or sand or possibly an indiscernible juxtaposition of both. Thus, completing a scene of being on solid ground, if just barely, and moving toward a large vast unknown obstacle, with hope of a new start on the other side. We all feel a pull to something new, that few of us have the courage to share, more-less pursue.

    1. Thank you for taking time to look at my painting and provide your comment. It's difficult for me interpret my own work. I appreciate all input to help me see more than i am aware. I didn't notice the "V" that you described, and agree there is a grounding as well as hope, associated with the painting . But today while meditating a narrative of myself, i realize that i feel like it is easier for me to reveal the hope, than to show the flip side which remains covered up. Maybe that is a direction i should also pursue .