02 January, 2015

Painting Inspired

Oil on Canvas 32" x 40"
 I completed this painting after my trip to Italy.  I was a little hesitant to believe that this painting could be completed because the architect in me wanted to see a little more depth and realism for the architectural symbolism.  I was eager to start work on another idea, and I wanted to move forward.   I came to the conclusion that this painting represents a vision of a memory, like recalling a dream that is not so vivid after you awake.   I am working on another painting with the same theme and colors, and feel very inspired by the colors. 

I originally wanted this painting to be full of all my thoughts for Florence and of the architecture in Florence.  But from my perspective, it is apparent that I could not escape the beauty that I saw in Venice.  I am merging together all my thoughts and feelings into one painting, a dream and a memory. 

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